is owned and operated by Sean Paterson.

Our mission and passion is creating hi-quality, dynamic, and engaging photographic and video media. We strive to build long lasting relationships with our clients and want to be your “go to” media services company here in Cape Town.

At sdpaterson we feel our good eye, creativity, technical experience, and editing skills allow us to produce high quality results for our clients. We will always work within your budget and creative brief.

Our Media Creation Services include:
1: Real Estate:
We understand how important those perfect shots are of your real estate projects. With the right photos and videos, you can turn standard views of real estate into strong sales tools.
2: Construction:
With the ability to “time lapse” from an aerial perspective, you can obtain information never before available to project managers. We take daily, biweekly or weekly shots so that you can see first-hand the progress you are looking for. This low cost method of validating your projects progress is a visual record of your projects success
3: Inspection Services:
The ability for Drones to move up, over and hover in place make them perfect for roof, gutter, antenna or structure inspection.  Images, video or live-feed, we can deliver clear information for you to make assessments and evaluations for your maintenance needs.  The low cost of this service compared to risking personnel safety makes it the easy choice when making those decisions